Fiber glass composite pipe also known as GRP pipes are widely used in sewerage and drinking water lines are manufactured from polyester resin and fibrous glass reinforcement with inorganic fillers.  Depending upon the nature of the projects, these pipes are considered to be the ideal solution against highly corrosive fluids at various pressures, temperatures, adverse soil and weather conditions (especially in oil exploration, desalination, chemical plants, fire mains, dredging etc.)  

Product Details:
1)Advanced techniques, high quality of materials
2)Widely used in water transportation, drinking and sewerage water lines
3)Corrosion resistant, long service life
1)Adopted the glass fiber and products as its reinforced material
2)Saturated polyester resin as its structural material
3)Sand as its inorganic filler and equipped with the stipulated length winding technique
1)Lightness and high strength
2)Distinguished properties of water-fast and corrosion resistant
3)Excellent hydraulic property
4)Good hermetical property of jointing
1) Water supply (cross country transmission and distribution) - municipal, industrial and agricultural
2)Wastewater / Sewerage collection - domestic and industrial
3) Drainage
4) Irrigation
5) Penstocks - hydroelectric power generation
Diameter: DN 300mm - 2600mm
Pressure: PN6-25 Bar
Rigidity level (Stiffness): SN2500-10000
Length: 6m, 12m