Alternate Energy Projects

Creative Electronics (Pvt) Ltd is a Lahore based company, now brings alternative energy solutions (Solar energy and Bio Gas) in Pakistan. We provide energy solutions for commercial, industrial, agriculture, household and streetlights. As in the recent years we have seen the massive energy crises and increasing electricity bills.


Solar Energy


We have introduced the solar energy in Pakistan since January 2010. We are providing our solutions for industrial, commercial, household, agriculture and street lights. Our R&D Division is devoted to the best quality of our solar modules. Our panels contains the latest technology and new researches are still in process as our R& D is working day and night to remain up to date with the world. We are pioneers in this field.


Our Major Projects in different Industries. We have installed our solar energy product at Sunder Industrial Estate, which is running successfully. The unit is comprised of 20 KW and feeding the admin block.

We have provided the household solar energy system in Wapda Town Lahore. The unit is comprised of 13 KW power. We have customized product and it varies on demand of solar energy supply of the customer.



We are also providing the solar energy product to agriculture sector. Because we know that agriculture sector is the back bone of Pakistan therefore we have launched this product to facilitate our farmer brothers. Our product is running successfully in Kasur district and Halloki; where we are running tube well comprised of 12 HP. It delivers one Lac liter per hour, which make us again pioneer in this sector.


We have also introduced solar streetlights. We have installed street light pools in an industry. Each solar streetlight is a substitute for the normal streetlights. The solar street lights are the best for energy saving and cost effective.



Bio Gas


Bio Gas product is suitable for urban areas of Pakistan to meet the heavy energy crises. Our bio gas product provides you with the best performance. We have separate R & D section which is working on it to provide the best services to the customer. Our this product is also customize vary on the demand of customer. We provide complete solution to the customer.






We have installed the bio gas plant in Bhai pheru by using the latest technology and complete solution. We have also installed projects in Hasilpur and Bahawalpur.